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Balázs Dóda attorney at law, tax advisor

Founder of Molnár and Partners Law Association.

Balázs completed his legal studies at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University. During his university years, he was already interested in economic and financial law, therefore he studied simultaneously with his legal studies international economy at the Budapest Economic College. After completing his legal studies (2006) he started working as an independent court bailiff associate. Afterwards – as he was interested in taxation – he started working for the Tax and Financial Control Administration. He spent in total 8 years at the tax authority, from which he spent five years at the Directorate of Large Taxpayers. Here he had the opportunity to participate in overall, complex tax audits of the largest taxpayers (multinational companies) and to realize the findings of the audit as a lawyer in the magisterial period following the audit.

Due to the multiple experience gained, he made various presentations about difficult taxation topics on conferences organized by the tax authority and published many times in taxation journals.

Thanks to the extraordinary work he completed and thank to his great experience he received a gold certificate of merit from the president of the tax authority. After the years spent at the tax authority, Balázs worked for a tax advisory firm in the city center, and since 2016 he is an attorney at law of Árpád Molnár Law Firm, currently he is an individual lawyer. He has experience of more than a decade in theoretical and practical taxation, especially in the fields of tax optimization and tax audits.

Besides the above, he is experienced in instalment payment and enforcement procedures, in litigation and non-litigation procedures related to taxation and companies, and economic criminal law as well.

In his free time, Balázs likes to read books, ride a bike or to play football. His language skills are English and German.

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attorney at law, tax advisor

Founder of Molnár and Partners Law Association

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