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Why to choose us?

  • § In the past years we exempted our clients with our procedures from the payment of unjustified tax debt in the amount of nearly HUF 3 billion.
  • § All of our colleagues have worked for many years in different audit departments of the Hungarian tax administration, therefore we are from inside aware of the tax authority’s mentality.
  • § Our aim is to reach equal opportunities, as not only the clients have obligations in course of a procedure, but the authorities as well.
  • § The area of expertise of our lawyers is economic criminal law, with special regard to cross boarder huge volume VAT (carousel) fraud criminal cases.
Molnár and Partners Law Association

Tax advice

A company plans and prepares its business processes, contracts and decisions and tries to eliminate or minimalize the possible risks. Our team can help you and your company with... Read more >

Criminal cases

The scope of expertise of our lawyer team is economic criminal law (tax fraud, embezzlement etc.), with special regard to cross boarder huge volume VAT (carousel) fraud criminal cases...
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Litigation procedures

In many cases we have to go to court and initiate tax litigation procedures to achieve a positive result for our clients. We have much experience in tax litigation procedures...
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Classic legal services

Based on the contractual freedom, the parties may in a wide range determine relatively free the content of their contracts and agreements and their form. The provisions of civil law prescribe only in certain cases mandatory legal representation (sale and purchase of real properties, company procedures etc.), but we suggest to apply for the services of a professional legal expert in course of drawing the documents in order to avoid future legal disputes. In this case it can be granted, that the certain transaction will have the intended legal effect according to the intention of the parties. We provide to our clients with great expertise the following legal services in the fields of civil law... Read more >

Professionalism and reliability

attorney at law, tax expert, economist

Head of Molnár and Partners Law Association

attorney at law, tax advisor

Founder of Molnár and Partners Law Association

Roland Márk
attorney at law

Founder of Molnár and Partners Law Association

Articles, publications

Lawyer members of our team regularly publish professional articles.

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